Terms of Use

 Zaam refers to the person or persons posting the product for group purchase on the Snapzaam.com platform.

​ Snap refers to the person purchasing the product on the Snapzaam.com platform.

​ Snapzaam.com, nor its parent company Quick Discover Ltd., is responsible in any way for sale items placed on the Snapzaam.com platform. Any misrepresentation of the product as well as late deliveries may be the responsibility of the Zaam (the party who posted the item for sale), the product wholesale suppliers, the postal service or any other party involved in the transaction. Snaps may contact the Zaam to resolve issues and refunds.

​ Zaams, product wholesale suppliers, and the Snaps are all rated on performance. Users are to take performance ratings seriously as well as comments and date of entry as credibility signals.

​ Should a problem arise between any of the participants involved in the crowd
purchase snapzaam.com is not only not responsible but also is not expected to act as an intermediary to resolve the issues. The Zaam is expected to agree, to maintain outstanding ratings, to return items and offer refunds should there be any issues with the transaction (including damaged products, poor packaging, or late deliveries). The Zaam should make an allowance for refunds should anything go wrong during the life cycle of the transaction.

​ The Zaam and the product wholesale supplier are to agree on pricing, quality, and delivery of the product to ensure the Snap satisfaction.

​ Deciding on the discounted price of the product to the crowd should be carefully agreed on between the Zaam and the wholesale supplier. The Zaam’s aim is to earn a profit for his or her efforts in organizing the crowd
purchase. Therefore, the Zaam should agree on a price with the wholesale supplier that can cover a discounted price for the Snap, Snap refunds, online merchant fees, and a profit for the Zaam and the wholesale supplier.

​ Snapzaam.com provides the platform for product transactions as well as forwarding the payment to the Zaam at the end of a successful crowd
purchase. Payments made by the Snaps to purchase the product, will be made via an online merchant such as PayPal. Once the Zaam’s campaign fulfills the agreed on number of sales, within the designated period of time, Snapzaam.com will forward the payment to the Zaam and the Zaam will forward the payment to the wholesale supplier after which the products should be immediately shipped to the Zaam by the wholesale supplier. Zaam’s are responsible to ship to each individual Snap unless the wholesale supplier agrees to do so which is unlikely.

​ Snapzaam.com highly recommends product tracking during postal service delivery. Tracking should be offered not at an additional cost but as part of the overall service.

​ Zaam’s are advised to deal with established brands and wholesale providers with a long standing history of customer responsibility. All parties involved are advised to act responsibly for a smooth transaction.

​ Zaam’s are not required to provide information regarding their wholesale supplier. Zaam’s, however, are ultimately responsible for selecting credible wholesale sellers with a history of excellent transactions.